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Chip and Cern Show

Nov 23, 2017

Chip and Cern are celebrating 100 episodes. Whilst you are recovering from your wine-induced mid-afternoon hangover enjoy Chip and Cern’s Black Friday Breakdown. Trends, tips and tricks for mastering the biggest shopping day of the year. 
Here are the big themes for Black Friday 2017
Home assistant: Think Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc 
Smart watches/fitness trackers: Fitbit, old versions of the Apple Watch
GoPro/ action cameras: Black Friday is a good time to snag some older models of the action cameras.
Connected home bulbs and other items. Nest cameras and the thermostats should be on sale as well.
Headphones: Beats, Bose and all others will have some nice discounts on their flagship products. 
Black Friday is a good time to swoop some early gen tech for the parents. The old versions of Apple Watch, Echos and bluetooth speakers are all going to be at deep discount. 
Certain companies have floor prices, so don’t expect to see $100 off the newest iPad from Apple. What stores will do is throw some gift cards on there instead of $ off from Apple, Microsoft, etc. 
There are always going to get good Blu-Ray deals, Xbox and PS games. 
Chip thinks that Target has some of the better deals for the electronics and the gift cards they throw in will not last long. 
Cern said nearly 50% of American households have Amazon Prime memberships. At the current rate more people will have Prime memberships than traditional cable. 
Chip and Cern both have their houses full of Echos. One of Cern’s big gripes is that his family doesn’t use Alexa to help them with these one off questions that are easily Googleable or searched via Alexa. 
Cern and his family will pay a few bucks more to get the loyalty rewards from Khols. 
Black Friday, in store, isn’t the time to do the comparison shopping. Do your homework and get a solid game plan. That is how you are successful during Black Friday. 
Chip and Cern recommend against the door buster tv deals for a variety of reasons. They are usually off measurements, so instead of 55” it will be 57” and they are usually really low quality and use the cheapest parts to get the price that low. 
Don’t forget the Chip and Cern Show Black Friday Sale. Hats, t-shirts and stickers are at an all-time low. 
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